TUTORIAL BY PSCS5; How I make my .gifs

NOTE: If you want to have good results so that your .gif looks HQ you need to download the video in HQ: 720p or 1080p. 

• KMPlayer: Download 

• VDownloader: Download

• Keepvid: WEB (Download video in 720p or 1080p MP4)

I download youtube videos from Keepvid and VDownloader. I download video’s of shows in Google for example “Pretty Little Liars s03e12 720p or 1080p download” 

1. Open up your video in KMPlayer:

2. To cap press ctrl + G, this should show up. These are the settings I use:

Press Start whenever you want to start capping and then press Stop to stop capping. 

3. Once your done capping your video. Go to Photoshop and go to:

4. A box should show up. Click on BROWSE and look for the folder you choose to put your screen caps in. To select the caps, click on the first cap and then click shift + the last cap. Then once you have your caps press okay. Your caps should start loading.

5. Then once your caps stopped loading:

6. Then:

7. Now crop your .gif to either 500px, 245px, or 160px. Depending on which Photoset style your using. The height could be whatever you please:

8. Now this part usually changes. Depending on the cap and how well it looks like. But this is what I did for all of the .gifs above: 

I used Topaz Clean. I used the Cartoon Style and these were my settings:

9. Filter → Sharpen → Smart Sharpen:

If you don’t have Topaz or if you don’t want to use it. I always use Smart Sharpen and my settings for the radius is usually 0.3 or 0.4, everything else stays the same. It depends on how it looks on my .gif. 

10. I select all my frames and this is the Time I use for my .gif:

11. File → Save For Web and Devices:

The reason I circled Diffusion is because most of the time I use Pattern as well. And as you can see my .gif is under the limit, 1mb. I have 29 frames in the Justin .gif. 

Tips to Keep it under the .gif limit:

• If for any reason it’s past the limit, delete some frames. 

• Make the .gif black and white 

• Use a simple coloring; doesn’t have to many color layers

• Crop your .gif

And that’s how I make my .gifs! Also you can do this in PSCS6, just follow the same steps. :) 

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