jsutindrew submitted: hi, sorry to bother but i was wondering if you knew or had a tutorial on how to do the colors on the gif in posts like this thanks.


1. Make a new (make sure this layer is on top of your .gif)

2. Take your brush tool and select the soft edge brush.

3. Select a color and place it around the person (in the corners or where ever you please) 

4. Take a couple more colors and do the same thing

5. This part is optional: You to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and play around with the radius and see what works/looks best on the gif. This is just to make the colors spread on the edges a little bit more.

6. You can either lower the opacity of the layer of colors or play with the blending modes and see what works/looks best on your gif

That’s really it. Hope that made sense.

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