TUTORIAL BY PSCS5; How to use actions on gifs + how to use the actions on all frames instead of playing it on each frame.

This has been wildly requested by so many people. This is very simple and easy tutorial so you should not have any problems. 

Using actions on gifs will be way much easier if you have the timeline option. This option is ONLY available in Photshop cs4, cs5, and cs6 Extended. Note that I said extended. If you do not have the extended version of Photoshop, the Timeline is not available for your use. 

Is the Timeline available in Photoshop PortableYes in version cs4, cs5, and cs6 Extended. So just like the regular Photoshop, you need the extended version. 

What’s the psd you used for your examples? My own coloring and it’s not available for download. 

What font did you use in the examples? VHIA


1. On your Frames Animation Palette, on the bottom right click this:


2. Then on your layers palette, select all your layers clicking on shift on the first and the last layer.:


3. Right click on your layers and click where it says:


Your layers should now look like this:


IMPORTANT! Before you play the action. Do the following:

Open up your action. Within the action look for where it says either Merge Layers, Merge Down, or Flatten Image: 


Then drag the layers to the delete button. Now when you play your action, it will not merge your layers together and the gif will play.

4. Go ahead and download any action: pscs5:tagged/action To load the action into Photoshop you can just simply click on the abr file or (because I know this might not work for some) go to your action window and click this:


Then click where it says “Load Action” look for the action in the folder where you download it into. Once you do that, your action should be all the way at the bottom of your action window.

5. Click on the layer and then select the action your going to use, hit the play button: 


Now when you go to save your gif using the timeline, it automatically sets the looping to once. So to change it go to Looping Options, click on the drop down arrow and change once to forever:


And that’s it. 

So how do I use the actions without the Timeline?
You can either manually play the action on each frame or you can download an action that will sharpen a certain amount of frames for you. For example this action  here

If you encounter any problems, feel free to tell me in my ask box and I will do the best to be at your service


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