How to do this in Photoshop:


As requested by an anon:


Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher, basic GIF making knowledge, patience.

I’m very sorry I just made the tutorial now. ><  The last few steps may be hard to understand, good luck.

1. Make a new file.image

2.Open the photo you want to edit and drag it to the new file.


3.Save these two photos,thisandthis. Openthen drag it to the new file. Set the film scratch texture blending to ‘screen’ or ‘lighten’, whatever works best.image

4.Create a new layer. 


5. Click the paint bucket tool (G) then fill the new layer with black.


6. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise


7. Amount should be maximized to 400. Check the ‘Monochromatic’. Click ok.


8. Reduce the opacity around 10%


9.Make a new layer. 

10.Click the Gradient Tool (G)image

11. Click somewhere in the center of the photo, hold, drag outstide the photo.


12. Change the blending to ‘Soft Light’image

13. Duplicate the gradient layer/Ctrl+J. Change that new duplicated layer’s blending to Multiply. Lessen the opacity to 30%-55%. 


14.Click on layer one then duplicate it.image

15. Set the blending of the duplicated layer to multiply. Drag that layer a bit to the left.


16.—Animation time.— Duplicate the frame on the timeline.


17. Play around with the opacity of the effects. Here, 

*I lowered the opacity of the duplication of Layer One/Original photo, and moved it more to the left.

*I moved the film scratch texture.

*I lowered the opacity of the noise layer, and moved it a bit.

*I increased the opacity of the gradient layer (the one with multiply as blending)


18. Duplicate the frame. Play around, increase, decrease the opacities, move the layers, it’s entirely up to you. repeat this step till you hit the maximum size limit of 999KB. You probably can only make 5-10 frames.

Make adjustments/add colorings (optional) then save.


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